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I shall repurpose you and use you as a soup bowl.

March 7, 2011

It's your fault for belonging to a minimalist.


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  1. March 7, 2011 9:00 am

    you’ve encapsulated both the triumph and tragedy of mundane existence with the plight of your purple coffee cup – how we are all inevitably subject to situations entirely beyond our control, and survive and thrive only due to our ability to recognize this fact and work with it.

    I applaud your mastery of the “post a day” thing, too.

  2. March 7, 2011 11:03 am

    Someone gave me a teapot for my birthday and I thought of you.

  3. Cindy permalink
    March 7, 2011 7:52 pm

    I love re using things. I do it all the time!!!!

    my son says I need a dash between the re and using.
    I think I’ll leave it alone…just to bug him!

    Happy re using~

  4. March 8, 2011 1:21 am

    Great to see you’re still going strong, I stopped my postaday challenge sometime ago as it didn’t work for me. You may remember me as intelligent fool!! Anyway I just wanted to say Hi, glad you’re still doing it and enjoying it. I have a new project that I’m enjoying more too but it’s still not as creative as yours!! 🙂

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